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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:21pm EDT

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heights. jennifer donelan is joining us live to tell us about this. jennifer? jennifer: we just walked up to the scene right now. we have a number of fire trucks here from prince george's county. we can't get very close to it. there's a ton of smoke. if you're anywhere near this around the beltway or route 50 you can see it from reagan airport. what we understand at this point is that it is a roofing company. that would explain the thick, black smoke that we're seeing. actually, too, if you're driving around this area, it's like hard to your eyes start stinging. it's a lot of smoke. prince george's county has also lost two fire trucks. two fire trucks to this fire. we understand no injuries. and we don't know exactly how those fire trucks were destroyed in this fire but prince george's county is down two fire trucks. more fire trucks arriving on the scene as we speak. maureen: thank you so much. get back to you in a little bit to get an update on this.
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a weekend party too big to control and tonight an apology from the d.c. government. it happened late saturday along emerson street northeast near the north michigan park recreation center. that's where sam ford joins us live with the new developments. we seem to hear that city officials were both surprised and sorry about this. >> i've never seen nothing like that in my life. not here. sam: residents have pictures like these. suddenly on saturday afternoon, college aged people started showing up with their alcohol and some residents said bad manners trampling some people's
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yards. >> one young lady said whose mother came to the party, if i'm on my property i'm not at the party. sam: it was a party. residents said thousands showed up here crowding into the small park wandering the neighborhood. >> all in the street up and down the street urinating in people's yards and stuff. sam: using your lawns for toilet? >> yes, sir. >> drunk people falling in the yards and knocking on the doors asking to use the bathrooms. sam: police and fire and e.m.s. were called as fights broke out. three people were taken away by ambulance. how could this happen? the director of parks and recreation who came here today to apologize to residents said that they issued a permit for family reunion of 51 to 100 people. >> from what i understand it was what they call a flash mob and thousands of people showed up here in north michigan park. >> we're working with m.p.d. to catch up with the responsible parties and to have a conversation with them. we will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.
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[no audio] maureen: right now, the washington nationals are battling it out with the mets in their season opener. horace holmes is live at nats park on opening day. horace, great day for fans and players. baseball is back in d.c. horace: absolutely. and the weather is picture perfect. the fans all packed into this stadium here at nats park behind me having a great time. great day for baseball. opening day. they've been out here at the park since very early this morning. we saw them around 9:00 this morning lined up.
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people trying to get whatever tickets they could for what is turned out to be a sold out event. we talked to one gentleman who was first in line. he didn't want to be identified because he like many folks out here, were playing hooky from work. but this is the 10th year that baseball has been back in washington d.c. with the nationals and fans know it and they're happy about it. >> we're so happy that it's been 10 years. looking forward to another 10. horace: so a lot of work for the nationals to do today. only thing that will put a damper on this day if they lose. they are behind right now going into the eighth inning 3-1. reporting live from nats park horace holmes, abc 7 news. maureen: thank you. we are looking ahead to unsettled weather. today could not have been better for baseball or anything else. steve rudin joins us live from nats park with a first look at the forecast. steve? steve: all righty, what a
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beautiful home opener here at nationals park. daytime temperatures well into the seventh. take a look at the weather bug network. current temperature around 74 degrees. winds gusts up to 25 miles per hour. stays breezy for the evening hours as we see our temperatures that will fall through the 70's and eventually th dropping to the upper 50's as we move through the overnight. lot of rain is on the way not only for the day tomorrow but for a good part of the upcoming week. chief meteorologist doug hill will be up shortly with full details plus the seven-day outlook in a few minutes. maureen? maureen: thank you, steve. and we have more breaking news for you tonight. this time from princess anne in maryland's eastern shore. eight people have died in a house there. tom roussey is live in the newsroom with news that just came from a conference news conference there. tom? tom: we just got this moments ago, maureen. some very sad news out of princess anne on the eastern shore there. according to police in princess anne, they received a call earlier today from somebody
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concerned that their co-worker had not shown up to work. they went to the co-worker's house, police did and did not seem to be any trouble signs, they went inside and found eight people dead. one adult and seven of the folks who died unfortunately, children between the ages of 6 and 16. just to give you a sense of where exactly this happened. this is d.c. this is maryland's eastern shore. for reference, this is ocean city on the coast. the town is a very small town and is down here on the eastern shore about three hours from washington. and again, eight people seven of them children found dead inside a home there. carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected. but there has been no official cause as of yet according to princess anne police. we have a crew that is headed out there and we will have a lot more details later on tonight. reporting live in the newsroom i'm tom roussey, abc 7 news. maureen: thank you, tom. we continue to follow our breaking story from capital heights. this just became a three alarm fire. it's a commercial fire.
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jennifer donelan is live there right now. jennifer? jennifer: maureen, that makes total sense. driving in here from the city, you could -- it was hard to imagine it was only a two alarm fire. we're live on the scene. we can't get down there. so you can see we have a ton of fire trucks down here and we've got that smoke billowing in the air. we are on ashwood drive in capital heights. there are reports that fire trucks have been lost to this fire. no one injured. that's the best news. but we understand that prince george's county fire department some fire trucks were destroyed in this fire. we're waiting to talk to the spokesperson. spoke with some people here who this is sort of a commercial industrial area. they report hearing explosions. as many as five explosions before this fire broke out. we're also hearing that there is great concern about propane gas tanks. we understand that this is a roofing company that's on fire. they used tar and that would explain the thick, black smoke that no matter where you were in the d.c. maryland, virginia area if you were on the beltway or headed home you saw that
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thick, black smoke. that's what -- that's where it came from. we're obviously here and we'll get more for you and bring you the latest. back to you. maureen: thanks, jennifer. new deadline for a potential frontrunner. how soon we could hear from hillary clinton about her possible white house bid. and jeb bush hispanic? the mix-up that had people doing a double take about florida's former governor.
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maureen: the supreme court has denied an appeal from a montgomery county man held prisoner in cuba. he tried to sue the u.s. government for negligence over his five-year imprisonment. gross, a subcontractor was freed in december. he was seeking $60 million. he claimed the u.s. government failed to prepare him for the risks of working in cuba. hillary clinton is expected to launch her campaign for president in the next two weeks. people close to clinton tell the associated press the former secretary of state will initially organize intimate events rather than big rallies. her team reportedly hopes to put her in direct contact with voters in states with early primaries and caucuses. and another rumored candidate. republican jeb bush is admitting a goof. in 2009 he listed his ethnicity as hispanic on a voter
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registration form. bush tweeted this morning he didn't think he fooled anybody with that mistake. bush's wife is hispanic and bush spent two years in venezuela in his 20's. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 -- reporter: three women are accused of trying to support the terrorist group in isil. all of them are arrested. the added challenge law enforcement faces when we come back. maureen: gorgeous day today. but rain ahead. doug has the seven day forecast including two days of potential thunderstorms. tim: the nationals take center stage in d.c. i've got the very latest on opening day as
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maureen: we are staying on top of that breaking news in capital heights. sources tell abc 7 that two of their fire trucks have been destroyed in what is now a three alarm blaze. this is burning in a commercial building at capital heights. jennifer donelan is on the scene and we'll stay on top of this story all night on the air, on, and on twitter and
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facebook. jury deliberations begin tomorrow in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. during closing arguments, the prosecutor said tsarnaev and his brother wanted to punish the u.s. the defense argues that tsarnaev was brainwashed by his older brother and should be spared the death penalty. the attack killed three people and wounded hundreds. the fight to prevent home grown terrorism is ramping up after three more americans, all women were arrested last week accused of trying to join isil. senior political reporter scott thuman is live at the capitol hill bureau with the progress and the new problems. scott? scott: maureen, talk about those problems, one of them a woman in philadelphia. she was arrested for allegedly trying to go overseas to join isil. you also have the two women in new york who were arrested.
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all of this just another difficult dynamic in the war on terror. in iraq today, a somber rememberance as workers dig up bodies of those killed by terrorists and buried in mass graves. >> they have found nine bodies. this is a fairly large mound. they believe in this location they might up finding about 20 or 30. reporter: so overnight, 13 more air strikes by coalition forces hitting large tactical units and sniper positions in iraq and syria. here in the u.s., the fear of home grown terror increasing after agents arrested three women in the past week trying to join the fight. coupled with worried about the roughly 180 americans who actually made it overseas. >> 40 have come back. i assume that you're keeping close tabs on those 40. >> we have in fact, kept close tabs on those who we believe have left and those who have come back. reporter: the homeland security secretary jay johnson says
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distance is what's keeping more americans from joining but it's certainly not stopping them completely. >> we have systems in place to track these individuals. but you can't know everything. reporter: the maryland professor who studies terrorisms says for many the allure could be overwhelming. >> the ideology can vary. ideology can be socialist, communist ideology, nationalist ideology. reporter: the homeland security secretary jay johnson acknowledging that there are investigations in every single state in the country into at least one home grown extremist and also admitted that it's one of the things that "frankly keeps me up at night." maureen? maureen: thank you, scott. a little breezy out there where scott is standing. doug: definitely. maureen: also what about nats park? doug: yeah windy there, too. temperatures in the mid 70's. all good stuff weatherwise locally. we've been monitoring the fire
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that jennifer donelan has been reporting on. the smoke is wider and a little more steam in the smoke. that's a good sign. she'll have an update for us again. meanwhile, enjoying mild temperatures. 77 is the official high at reagan national. 48 is the morning low. there's the averages of 63 and 44. at the moment, we're still holding in the 70's. 75 at reagan national. 77 degrees in frederick. 72 at quantico. fredricksburg at 77 degrees and 73 right now at andrews air force base. through the remainder of the late afternoon and early evening, the gusty winds will continue. wind gusts within the past 30 minutes or so to 28 miles an hour at reagan national and 28-mile-per-hour gusts in baltimore. wind is gusty and air is warm. the winds will slowly diminish tonight. the key word is slowly. already, we see the changes on the horizon with showers quickly making the move across western pennsylvania and west virginia panhandle of western maryland more rain to the south. this area of rain through tennessee will miss us to the south and these showers will deal with a frontal system that will come down from the north and kind of do a deal with us the next few days as the futurecast indicates, there will
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be chances of rain. it won't rain every minute of the next four days. there will be periods of rain. tomorrow morning when you get up likely rain in the area. may get a bit of a break in the area. more showers as the front settles south. still warm tomorrow but here's the way it's going to change for us. we'll see a 72 degree high tomorrow with some showers and then as we get through wednesday and thursday, the winds come off the ocean and cool us down. highs in the 50's with chances of rain. on friday, we'll pop back in the warm air in the 70's. chances of afternoon showers and thunder. right now knock on wood saturday and sunday clearing and mild. highs near 70 degrees. maureen and tim? maureen: thank you doug. i told you wisconsin was going to make it. tim: this is love ladies and gentlemen. wisconsin and harvard. it's duke and wisconsin tonight in college basketball. spring is here. baseball is back. and opening day brings a lot of excitement on a perfect day! it's all coming up next in sports.


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